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On a Mission

We provide a safe and nurturing group home to girls ranging from 6-21 years that are survivors of homelessness, physical and sexual abuse, and severe family dysfunction. In order to ensure the girls we serve get the best care possible and to meet the needs created by their past environment, we offer psychiatric treatment, individual and group counseling, and independent living training, which includes: learning the basics of having a checking account, how to interact in a social setting during group outings, emotions from past trauma, and developing other life skills necessary to succeed as an adult.

We provide our girls the tools needed to successfully transition from our care into the next phase of their life. It is our top priority to enhance the quality of life for girls entrusted to our care. Girls’ Haven is a place that employ professionals dedicated to restoring hope and building strength for girls desperately trying to break the cycle of abuse and poverty. Our goal is to restore the heart of each child that walks through our doors.

Our Story

In 1994, Girls’ Haven was incorporated. In 1996, the first of children were accepted and we began to serve girls in a warm and caring environment. In 2000, Girls’ Haven was relocated to our current location where services could be expanded. In 2003, the Ehrhart Charter School was founded. In 2017, to address the needs of those aging out of care, we introduced our Supervised Independent Living Program.

I use to live there! It was really different from a lot of other places that I had been through out my journey in C.P.S.! I liked it. They were very nice and while being there I had the best Christmas out of the whole 6 years I was in C.P.S. custody. Over all it was a great place!”

Iesha Fort
Former Resident